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    Our presenters are professional actors and our video is put together by an experienced video production team.

  • Soft Skills, Body Language, Intonation

    We go beyond just English to help you learn important details that other courses miss.

  • Modern and Realistic Reenactments

    You'll see how the tips you learn apply in real-life with professional reenactments.

“I was always skeptical about these soft skills trainings until I found Creativa. Their soft skills training course is so unique that you will feel it is just designed for you. It addresses our common inhibitions, dilemmas and fears that we face in client calls and trains you to face them with confidence. These courses are not just designed for improving your vocabulary or grammar. They will change your perspective of your client's psychology and uplift your confidence. Feeling comfortable in your skin is way more important than improving the language. Creativa is the only place I found so far where you get this whole package of confidence.”

Manager in IT Industry

Srinu Sanapala

This course is for you if you want to: 

  • communicate fluently during video calls 

  • be persuasive and effective with your clients

  • understand fast-talking native speakers in calls 

  • make presentations via video calls in English 

  • make your pronunciation and body language clear 

This course is NOT for you if you:

  • want a complete English learning course

  • want a person to talk to to practice

You will learn:

  • Friendly yet professional ways of speaking

  • How to adjust the tone of your communication

  • Collocations or words that often go together;

  • Frequently used business idioms

  • Frequently used spoken shortcuts in grammar and vocabulary

  • Ways to think out loud, buy time and avoid uncomfortable silences

  • How the sound of your voice and spoken delivery affect meaning

  • Advanced grammar used by native speakers that you can use, too

"Many of us have never been instructed on the granular levels of personal interactions that make the real difference in being ordinary or standing out in business settings. I know. I witnessed it play out for years. People like me who don't naturally possess a standout personality can learn from your products the basic tenets of effective interactions, even down to the micro levels of facial expression, voice intonations, and others that we didn't know had been defined and had always just chalked it up to personality differences. It felt empowering watching the video, giving me confidence from feeling equipped just by knowing these basic tenets. It's very helpful for guys like me who weren't raised in environments where decorum and social graces was an emphasis. It's good for us, ESL's, and anyone self-aware who desires to conduct themselves appropriately but has no role models or teachers to follow."

Paul Slagle, Business Person

Course curriculum

  • 01


    • GREETINGS AND OPENERS: How to be engaging and sound confident at the start of a video call

    • MANAGING MEETINGS: Discussing agenda items, objectives and deadlines while participating in a video call

    • YOUR TURN: How to sound natural and confident while politely interrupting, clarifying and making useful suggestions during video call meetings

    • POWERFUL TRANSITIONS: How to use the language of transitions combined with gestures to make your message clear and connect ideas during a video call

    • DISAGREEING EFFECTIVELY: How to assert your point while making the other side feel heard

    • MAKING YOUR POINT: How to structure the argument for an idea, deliver a report, and conclude a discussion

    • CUT THROUGH THE NOISE: How to keep on going through connection issues, interference and audio lag

    • TALKING DOCS: How to talk about documents, files and emails during a video call

    • TALKING TECH: How to ask for and provide help with video call features, screen shares and whiteboards during a call

    • WHAT'S NEXT? How to discuss plans of action, next steps and finalize video call meetings

"For years, I had been looking for a tailor-made program to better my professional soft skills, especially with meetings and presentations. As I began to grow in my professional role, the constant need to master my communication was also on my to-do list. After having researched through various options, my quest ended with Creativa. Their course was the exact fit to my expectations. The carefully curated video episodes, with all round focus on language, pronunciation, gestures and posture gave me the much needed confidence to excel in my professional communications. Creativa brought a unique blend of episodes that completely covered every aspect in much greater detail. Overall, I recommend Creativa for everyone who is keen on mastering their soft skills with ease."

Lakshmanan, Applications Engineer

You’ll be in good hands - our team is Harvard educated with decades of experience in business, language education, and video production.

Alan Park is an entrepreneur who has been passionate about foreign languages for his entire career. After becoming fluent in Chinese and Japanese, in addition to his native Korean/English, in 2011 he founded FluentU, a service for learning languages with real-world videos. Previously, he worked as a management consultant in the Boston Consulting Group, and graduated from Harvard Law School (JD) and Duke University (BA, summa cum laude). He is excited to help bring a new perspective to English education for business professionals.

Alan Park


Nika Picco is a trilingual specialist in language learning who has worked as a fluency coach and teacher for over 15 years. She is a graduate of the competitive NYC Teaching Fellowship and holds a Masters Degree in Applied Linguistics. Her work focuses on spoken language mastery, bilingualism and educational course design.

Nika Picco

Educational Expert

Claire MacDonald is a global producer with an eclectic range of experience. From 6 years producing guerrilla TV documentaries for Vice, to a Cleo award for her fashion editorial work for Vogue and a Sundance premiering short film, Claire brings her innate storytelling skills and superb taste to her wide range of work.

Claire MacDonald

Video Producer

Sydney B has produced for top tier agencies such as Anomaly, Weiden & Kennedy, and Deutsch, and created original content for such outlets as Fader, iD Magazine, and MTV. Her work has played at TIFF, Cannes Cinéfoundation, Sundance, SXSW, and Berlin. She’s had her hand in everything from music videos and fashion editorials to documentaries and feature films.

Sydney B

Video Producer

Prashanth is a filmmaker and educator whose work spans documentary and narrative forms and has played at festivals worldwide. An IFP-Marcie Bloom Fellow in Film, he has experience teaching at the North Carolina Museum of Art, Reelworks in Brooklyn, Virginia Commonwealth University, and NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts Graduate Film Program; as well as having worked as a filmmaker at The New York Times, Mother Jones, and The Nation.

Prashanth Kamalakanthan

Filmmaker, Educator

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